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I configured the SSMTP in a ubuntu server 13.04.

Configured the root user email address.

Everything works correctly.

But, now I want to configure the "~/.forward" to send all emails to another address.

I created the file at the root user home /root/.forward, and added to it:

But this isn't working. When I sent a email to root, only the root email receives the email.

I'm sending emails with:

echo Msg body | mail -s Subject root

What I need to do to get the .forward file working?

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I could be wrong, but I didn't think SSMTP support .forwards. Did you see some document somewhere saying that it did? If you really nead that, then you probably need a different MTA. – Zoredache Oct 18 '13 at 19:38

Unfortunately, ssmtp does not read ~/.forward. Here is a quote from the ssmtp manpage:

It does not do aliasing, which must be done either in the user agent or on the mailhub. Nor does it honor .forwards, which have to be done on the recieving host. It especially does not deliver to pipelines.

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