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I have a Netgear GS108 gigabit switch - can I flash OpenVPN on this? My network is as follows

Internet <-> Motorola DSL Modem <-> NetgearGS108 <-> LAN

I'm guessing I can't since this is just a switch and there is no interface?? And I would need a router with an interface to be able to flash OpenVPN on it...

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i very much doubt it. netgear GS108 seems to be cheap, unmanageable switch probably based on quite specialized realtek or broadcom switch-on-the-chip.

imho you are more likely to get openvpn running on your motorola dsl router/modem [ if you manage to find modified firmware for it ] than on your switch.

and obviously you can run openvpn on some box in your lan - on windows as well.. or on linux, and even as virtual machine.

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