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I have a HP Server DL320 G5. There are two SATA hard disks configured as RAID 1 through HP embedded RAID controller. Server OS is running GNU/Linux (Fedora)

Server booted up with clonezilla live CD. The image will be stored on a NAS connected through NFS. Clonezilla could mount the NFS share and could see the two hard disks /dev/sda and /dev/sdb.

I selected /dev/sda for disk cloning. However I could not see the cloning progress and got straight into a prompt for reboot, poweroff, command line

I tried to select /dev/sdb but the same issue.

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This can be done with the following kernel parameter while booting the Clonezilla live CD: dmraid=false

In the GRUB menu, select your preferred boot menu item, hit tab, add "dmraid=false" and then press enter. This way, your only imaging one of the drives, which works.

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Clonezilla lacks automatic support for this feature:

"Software RAID/fake RAID/firmware RAID is not supported by default. It can be done manually only."

See "Limitations" on the Clonezilla web page.

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