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Exactly what it says on the Tin.

I have a dual-socket, socket-F motherboard in which I am looking to put two high-end quad-core Opterons, but the 2000 series are nearly double the price of the 8000 series on eBay. Can I just drop in a pair of 8000 series processors and be done with it, or are there processor-critical motherboard features that would be present on a quad(+)-socket motherboard that don’t exist on a dual-socket motherboard?

Please elaborate or link to resources that can explain this further, as I am not adverse to research (and I am interested in the technical issues involved) I am probably using the wrong search terms, as Google failed to return anything within the first few dozen results.

Edited to add: This question has been put on-hold for being “off topic”. Not sure how I can improve on this question to avoid that, but I’ll try. Simply put, I am not a rich person. I cannot just rush out and buy - as an experiment - an 8300 series Opteron that (at the 3.1Ghz speed) still clocks in at $140-500 per processor on eBay. I have already struck out with a six-core 2400-series Opteron (BIOS issue, no update available), so I am loathe to waste even more money on hardware that has an even greater chance of not functioning. It’s just that the 8300 Opterons tend to be almost half the price of the 2300 Opterons, which is why I am asking my question in the first place - I am trying to save some money. I have done whatever research I can on the Internet, and unless I am using the wrong search terms I cannot find anything of relevance. All I am asking is if anyone can confirm or deny whether an 8300-series Opteron can function in a dual-socket Inventec Enterprise System Corp motherboard. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. Not too sure how I can be any more specific or detailed, or what kind of a “history of solutions attempted” I could possibly attach to this (I have yet to buy an 8300-series Opteron, for the very reasons listed above), so there you go. If this isn’t good enough for ServerFault, someone is gonna have to break out the crayons and draw me a picture of what would be.

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To start, you will need to know exactly which motherboard it is. –  Michael Hampton Oct 20 '13 at 15:34
Vote to reope. THis is limited but it also is technically very specific. It is NOT mobo dependant - a mobo / bios may suppress it, but no mobo can make fundamentally incompatible chips compatible. Valid question. –  TomTom Oct 24 '13 at 6:50
All what I have found so far involves putting 2000-series Opterons into quad-socket motherboards… and nothing related to those experiments ever involved the brand of motherboard, only that you were limited to two processors. Each and every case that I found resulted in the system working, but limited to the number of processors that the Opteron series were limited by. Sticking an x400-series Opteron into a Socket F motherboard… that also was never an issue so long as a BIOS upgrade existed to handle the extra cores, but the co. for my board went belly-up before it released one. –  René Kåbis Oct 24 '13 at 6:52

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