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We need to keep a copy of all email conversations on our servers for regulatory compliance.

We have contractors that (understandably) want to use their own email accounts

We would like to setup a system where email is forwarded to contractor inboxes, but when they reply that message needs to a) appear to come from our server and b) be saved on our server.

I am sure that it would be possible to implement the following workflow, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Does this exist as a product/solution already?

1) Message from customer arrives in fred@company.com email box

2) Service sends a copy of message to fred@gmail.com but sets reply address to be [GUID]@company.com (or specially registered [GUID]@company-forward.com)

3) User replies to message by clicking reply...send

4) Message intercepted by service which then sends the reply to the customer from fred@company.com

This would allow Fred to forward and answer all company email from his gmail account, and at the same time clients would always see fred@company.com as fred's address. We would also get to keep a copy of Fred's reply (for compliance and audit purposes)

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