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I have a setup on a OSX 10.8 Server with mobile accounts. I configured the server so that only two folders should be synced, and checked that the PReferences are not supposed to be synced, neither is ~/Library. However, the ~/Library is still being synced everytime I log into a managed client.

I checked that the ignored folders are listed in the 'excludedItems-managed' parameter (as you can see, I event tried to add a partialPath concerning ~/Library, the other are default values) :

( { comparison = fullPath; value = "~/.SymAVQSFile"; },
  { comparison = fullPath; value = "~/Documents/Microsoft User Data"; }, 
  { comparison = fullPath; value = "~/Library"; },
  { comparison = fullPath; value = "~/NAVMac800QSFile"; },
  { comparison = partialPath; value = "~/Library"; } )

Is there anything I should have done (or checked for) to leave my ~/Library unsynced ?

Thanks in advance for your help

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