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...other than spdylay in --spdy-relay mode?

We've got a situation where a reverse-proxy has to talk SSL to a Tomcat server, and I'd love to test the performance boost of SPDY. Apache and Nginx both speak SPDY on the front, but as near as I can tell not on the ProxyPass side.

I saw a request that suggested that Nginx wouldn't get it for a while, but the post was from 2012 and referenced v1.3

As there been any movement in this area that I'm just not aware of?

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Jetty was the first Java server to support SPDY, and it does have a SPDY reverse proxy that supports SPDY towards the backend (along with HTTP).

Since Jetty is one of the few servers (if not the only) that is able to perform SPDY Push in a transparent way for applications (check this video that shows the big performance benefits of SPDY Push in Jetty) , being able to talk SPDY from the reverse proxy to the backend can give a real boost thanks to SPDY Push being performed from the backend to the proxy to the client.

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