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I have a windows server 2012 box that I've rebooted a number of times without issue, but yesterday I reboot to remove a DNS role and now it hangs on the splash screen with the windows logo and the spinning dots at the bottom. I've ran a full hardware diag and everything is clean, no bios errors or other that I can see. It boots into safemode with networking just fine but even there the event manager doesn't show any errors about failed boot attempts. I'm sort of at a loss since I'm not finding an actual error anywhere, does anyone have any ideas? The server is really only running Hyper-V with a couple hosts, I'm moving those hosts to another hyper-V machine while trying to troubleshoot this issue. Thanks for any input you might have!

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Is there a possibility that it was Windows Update that could have caused it? Maybe just a coincidence that it happened when you removed the DNS role? I have had an update cause that, in which case I just rebooted and booted to the last known good config. –  MooseBalm Oct 25 '13 at 12:56
Same issue here, stuck with windows logo and spinner that never stops. I'm forced to power cycle and find no errors in the event log after it boots. –  bradvido Oct 8 '14 at 21:02

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