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I have my database backed up to an EBS drive. My current backup method is

1) queue all writes (not important how)

2) kill database process

3) detach + umount ebs volume

4) take snapshot

5) reattach AFTER snapshot is complete

My question is, the snap actually takes a while, can I re-attach my EBS while my EC2 snapshot is in the pending state, or do I risk corruption / data lose?

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Yes, you can use an EBS volume while a snapshot of that volume is pending (being created).

Writes to the volume will not affect what gets put in the snapshot. The snapshot will be a point-in-time copy of the EBS volume at the time of the create-snapshot call.

Note, however, that you may find writes to the volume have increased latency as they may be slowed down by the snapshot creation activity.

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After the snapshot API call returns, you are safe to resume IO on that volume.

From AWS's documentation on this:

You may remount and use your volume while the snapshot status is pending.

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