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so I'm trying to run for the first time the nginx web server with php5-fpm on a debian wheezy server

Hitting a php file display simply File not found

I have done my research (waste a lot of hours actually ;), there are a lot of people that have similar problems, yet I didn't succeed to correct it with what worked for them.

I still have the same error :

$ tail /var/log/nginx/access.log /var/log/nginx/error.log /var/log/php5-fpm.log | less

==> /var/log/nginx/error.log <==

2013/10/26 21:36:00 [error] 6900#0: *1971 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream,

I have tried a lot of things, it's hard to remember what.

I have put my config files on github

Currently, the nginx.conf configuration uses this...

server {
  server_name mydomain.tld;
  root /srv/data1/test;

   location ~ \.php$ {
            try_files $uri =404;
            fastcgi_index   index.php;
            fastcgi_param   SCRIPT_FILENAME  $document_root$fastcgi_script_name;
            include         fastcgi_params;

/etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf contains listen =

I have tried the unix socket version, same thing. fastcgi_pass unix:/var/run/php5-fpm.sock;

I made sure the server is started

$ netstat -alnp | grep LISTEN

tcp 0 0*
LISTEN 6913/php-fpm.conf) tcp 0 0* LISTEN 4785/mysqld tcp 0 0* LISTEN
2286/inetd tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2812/rpcbind tcp 0 0* LISTEN
5710/nginx tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2560/sshd tcp 0 0* LISTEN
5710/nginx tcp6 0 0 :::111 :::*
LISTEN 2812/rpcbind unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM
LISTENING 323648 6574/tmux /tmp//tmux-1000/default
unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 619072
6790/fcgiwrap /var/run/fcgiwrap.socket unix 2 [ ACC ] SEQPACKET LISTENING 323 464/udevd
/run/udev/control unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING
610686 2812/rpcbind /var/run/rpcbind.sock unix 2 [ ACC ] STREAM LISTENING 318633 4785/mysqld

Each time I modify the nginx.conf file, I make sure to relaunch this command

nginx -t && nginx -s reload && echo "nginx configuration reloaded"

and same thing for php5-fpm

/etc/init.d/php5-fpm restart

Thanks for your help :-)

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all you posted here looks okay to me. What does your config for the fpm pool look like? Do you chroot it into some directory? – etagenklo Oct 26 '13 at 22:05
What script are you trying to run, and where did you put it in your filesystem? – Michael Hampton Oct 26 '13 at 22:21
@etagenklo thanks. I didn't do anything special for the fpm pool. I've just put my /etc/php5/fpm/pool.d/www.conf on github – jmfayard Oct 26 '13 at 22:24
get rid of this: chroot = /var/www – etagenklo Oct 27 '13 at 5:16
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Get rid of the

chroot = /var/www

in your fpm-pool configuration. Otherwise php-fpm won't be able to access /srv.

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Brillant, that was it ! – jmfayard Oct 28 '13 at 7:18

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