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I am trying to change the port for iSQLPlus on my Oracle DB server, by making changes in the file http-web-site.xml.

When I change the port to 80, in this file, the iSqlPlus doesn't start. I can nether connect over a browser or telnet to it, even from the host machine itself. On the command line, however, it does not give any errors.

I have tried changing it to other ports that is 8080 and 5560, it is running fine with no problems there.

I am using Oracle 10.2.0_10.

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netstat -tan|grep ":80 "

That should tell you whether there is already a process running on that port. If not, then you don't have permission to access this port. Ports < 1024 are reserved for the root user. This means you must run the process as root.

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