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I have a dedicated server running multiple IPv6 only OpenVZ containers. I want them to be able to communicate with the IPv4 internet, but I realized that isn't going to be possible with IPv6 only. So they need to have an IPv4 address as well, not sure if a local address will work for it, but pretty sure it should.

I added in the container .conf file, but when I try to start it, I get this:

Adding IP address(es): (the IPv6 address)
arpsend: is detected on another computer : 00:04:9b:f2:b0:00
vps-net_add WARNING: arpsend -c 1 -w 1 -D -e eth0 FAILED

I did a lot of research, and searched Serve Fault before posting this, but found nothing relating to this.

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Something else on your network already has that address specifically the host with MAC address 00:04:9b:f2:b0:00 (which appears to be a Cisco address).

The 169.254/16 network is reserved for IPv4 Link-Local addresses as explained in RFC3927 so you should not be manually assigning addresses in that range.

You should use 192.168/16, 172.16/12, or 10/8 for private addressing and have a suitably configured router.

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