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  • IE works if you're running a Microsoft stack and force automatic updates
  • Firefox is less of an attack vector, but can be harder to support due to the proliferation of extensions users install.
  • Anything else?

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From the perspective of supporting web applications: literally anything other than IE6 would be just fine!


Firefox MSI with lockdown features through Group Policies like FrontMotion's Firefox Community Edition.


I'd go with Firefox, but I know what you mean about the plugins. Is there a way to restrict plugin installation with policy settings (or even better restrict to a certain subset of plugins)?


Most non-IT users still prefer IE, at least those I'm in touch with, so I would go with IE, as much as it would cost me ;-)

Do they prefer it or just not know any different. IIRC most non-tech users don't even know what a browser is or that there is an option, they just know it as 'the internet' –  Glenn Slaven Apr 30 '09 at 8:36
Yeah, I think you're totally right. However, it's easier for them to just use the browser that they are used to, or they will start calling the helpdesk every time they have a doubt (even if it's not directly related to the browser...). –  Nelson Reis Apr 30 '09 at 9:06

Every time I want to deploy Firefox, I find another IE-only site that our users insist on using. Trying to get IETab to work and maintain a central set of filters is just asking for trouble, so I have ended up sticking with IE.

IE7 is pretty reasonable from a user perspective, and the manageability is much better than FireFox through Group Policy - though I will look at Community Edition sometime.

I'm currently testing IE8 and it's looking pretty good, though I've not looked at the manageability of the new features.


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