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I have two dedicated servers. Currently one is configured with PGsql (8.4) and nginx (php-fpm+SSL verisign) on a centOS 6.4. I just got the second one.

To explain context, on one hand, I have a website for customers (they upload lists, browse history of sending). On the other hand, I have a API which insert in DB and get back an ID to customer (process after insert is not important here).

I would like to support the outage of a server (mostly hardware/filesystem).

I don't know if :

  1. I should make a two node virtual machine server (and setup my centos on it). Some virtualization software support moving machine to a different node
  2. I should find high availability middleware for nginx,pgsql...

In case of n°2, I found that:

  • postgres support HA with some restrictions (no master/master, except if we use an extra software like pgpool). On some website, they say that we can make a master/master on PG9.1.
  • nginx support HA but from my understanding, I need 3 nodes at least (a load balancer + 2 working nodes)

Do someone here already setup a fault tolerance nginx/php-fpm/postgres? Is it possible with only 2 nodes? If it's possible, I suppose that I need to configure 2 "A" entries in my DNS settings to allow customers browsers/apps connecting to whichever running server.

I hope my message is clear enough.


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