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I'm seeing malicious traffic (SQL injections) directed towards some of my websites and I want to use modsec to block the requests. An attack will look something like the following:

[31/Oct/2013:19:11:38 +0000] "POST /wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/404.php?act=sql&sql_login=someuser_wp1&sql_passwd=somepassword&sql_server=localhost&sql_port=3306&sql_db=someuser_wp1&sql_tbl_act=insert&sql_tbl=wp_users&sql_tbl_ls=0&sql_tbl_le=30&sql_tbl_insert_q=+%60ID%60+%3D+%271%27+AND+%60user_login%60+%3D+%27admin%27+AND+%60user_pass%60+%3D+%27%24P%24B07huSShCiGeWfJK9QD1iui%2FysZ%2FBi0%27+AND+%60user_nicename%60+%3D+%27admin%27+AND+%60user_email%60+%3D+%27jess%40dreamflow.co.uk%27+AND+%60user_url%60+%3D+%27%27+AND+%60user_registered%60+%3D+%272013-06-12+14%3A05%3A12%27+AND+%60user_activation_key%60+%3D+%27%27+AND+%60user_status%60+%3D+%270%27+AND+%60display_name%60+%3D+%27admin%27+ HTTP/1.1" 200 31585
[31/Oct/2013:19:11:41 +0000] "GET /wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/404.php?act=sql&sql_login=someuser_wp1&sql_passwd=somepassword&sql_server=localhost&sql_port=3306&sql_db=someuser_wp1&sql_db=someuser_wp1&sql_tbl=wp_options HTTP/1.1" 200 199628

The location/theme always varies, though. I want to basically block any request that matches these attacks no matter the URL (these are the two that I keep seeing). I've tried this like so, but haven't had any luck with it:

  <Files "^header.php">
  #SecRule REQUEST_URI "/header\.php\?act=sql&sql_login" "phase:2,log,deny,id:10010"

  <Files "^404.php">
  SecRule REQUEST_URI "/404\.php\?act=sql&sql_login" "phase:2,log,deny,id:10011"

In all of these attacks I've seen either the header.php or 404.php targeted (all of the attacks are against Wordpress sites), so I figured I'd try targeting that for my modsec rule, but so far I haven't been able to get it to work - even with the rules in place if I try to load the header.php or 404.php with the ?act=sql&sql_login string after them they still load.

Any assistance as to what I may doing wrong and the correct way to do this would be appreciated. I have some modsec books I've been trying to use as references, but no matter how I modify or change the rules I can't seem to get anything to work.

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I don't know if your modsec rule is correct but I think there's an error in your configuration which does not allow the rule to be applied.

To use regular expressions in the Files directive you have to add a ~ in your syntax or use the FilesMatch directive instead:

<Files ~ "^404.php">
   SecRule REQUEST_URI "/404\.php\?act=sql&sql_login" "phase:2,log,deny,id:10011"

<FilesMatch "^404.php">
   SecRule REQUEST_URI "/404\.php\?act=sql&sql_login" "phase:2,log,deny,id:10011"
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Thanks for taking the time to respond. I've tried it with and without thaf, as well as trying filesmatch and location with no success. I fear that either my rules are bad or my regex is. Or both. –  Striketh Nov 2 '13 at 18:05
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Here's what I ended up doing which actually worked.

SecRule REQUEST_URI|ARGS "\?act=(sql&d|sql|sql_login|sql&sql_login)" "phase:2,log,deny,id:10011"

SecRule REQUEST_URI|ARGS "\?act=(sql&d|sql|sql_login|sql&sql_login)" "phase:2,log,deny,id:10012"

Taking out the and and tags and just putting the above rules worked as I expected it to. Perhaps I was doing something wrong with the above, but I'm just glad that I'm at least able to block further attacks of this nature.

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