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I want to run a script when an authentication failure occurs. But, with the following conf file, authenitcation always fails even when the proper credentials are supplied.

auth       [success=1 new_authtok_reqd=ok ignore=ignore default=bad]
auth       optional  /usr/bin/log_failure
password   required  md5

Authentication works by changing "success=1" to "success=ok", though obviously the failure script will always run.

I tried looking through the source code of _pam_dispatch_aux and it doesn't seem to return the first rule's return when there is no rule to jump to. If I add another rule so there is something to jump to, everything works.

auth       [success=1 new_authtok_reqd=ok ignore=ignore default=bad] 
auth       optional  /usr/bin/log_failure
auth       optional  /usr/bin/noop
password   required  md5

Am I doing something wrong in my conf file, trying something that shouldn't work, or is there a bug?

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This is working as intended.

success=n does not contribute to the return of the module stack. The result is that a successful authentication against returns failure (because nothing returns a success of ok or done), and a failed authentication returns failure (as expected, because returning success in this context would be Very Bad).

Try the following instead:

auth       sufficient
auth       optional  /usr/bin/log_failure
password   required  md5

sufficient means "stop here if we were successful, otherwise keep going". This should have the desired effect.

If /usr/bin/log_failure is a script though, the security nut in me would be more inclined to try this...

auth       sufficient
auth       [default=ignore]  /usr/bin/log_failure
password   required  md5

This prevents a success returned by log_failure from allowing a login.

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Thanks for your help. – vader90210 Nov 5 '13 at 19:07
I've updated my answer to be slightly more security conscious. – Andrew B Nov 7 '13 at 16:23

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