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I need to enable SSL on my Tomcat and Apache so I need to generate the (self-signed) certificate using Openssl tool end, about Tomcat, I need to import the certificate using keytool.

I know that is necessary to convert (openssl) certificate to Tomcat compatible format.

So I need to Use OpenSSL to convert the certificate into an PKCS12 keystore an I need to Import this keystore using keytool and export as Tomcat compatible keystore.

But I not understood how can I convert a my certificate (generated with Openssl) into a requested Tomcat format? is possible to explain me all the steps to reach my goal? thanks

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Usually, if you use apache in front of tomcat, you only enable TLS/SSL in the web server, not both. Can you explain in more detail the architecture and the requirements? –  dawud Nov 7 '13 at 7:17

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