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So. There's two which is a VPS, and which is a shared host running cPanel and has been configured to accept mail for has a fresh install of Debian 7 and Exim4 running. The MX record for points to in the DNS.

I don't want to accept mail locally at VPS and so want to continue using the addresses for set up at, which seems to work fine insofar as I can send messages to from somewhere like and the messages turn up fine on the server for Likewise, I can send mail from the VPS to somewhere like and the messages are received, no problem. Further, I can use SMTP through using Thunderbird to send messages to and they turn up fine on the server. So looks like MX record works as far as I can tell.

The problem is though, sending mail from VPS to a address --- the mail never gets delivered. Not locally, and not to where it should go. It just kind of disappears into some void---no errors in /var/log/mail* etc, no emails bouncing back, but the messages never arrive at host.

Currently /etc/hostname and /etc/mailname files on VPS have the entry "" in them to avoid sending the mail locally.

And the localhost entry in /etc/hosts on is similarly set to  localhost

The config for Exim4 is pretty much a default 'Internet site' config, except that the system mail name is set to to avoid sending emails locally.

hostname command returns: and hostname -f command returns: localhost

I'm new to mail in general, let alone Exim4 config, so there's bound to be something (or indeed a few things!) that I've done wrong...

Any ideas/leads/something to try/read?

Any and all help greatly appreciated! I've been stuck on this for weeks!

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You have to set up manualroute on the host:

begin routers
    driver = manualroute
    domains = : : +local_domains
    route_data =
    transport = smtp
. . . . .

You have to place it at the very beginning of routers, before any other router. Each message that has destination domain listed in the domains will be sended to the host You have to ensure that all that domains are defined as local or properly relayed on the

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