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Running postfix on CentOS 6 as an edge relay for a while now, so all our outgoing mail is routed through one point with opendkim signing the mail. This works great. I was originally using dkim-filter/dkim-milter (I believe) but switched to opendkim a couple of years back.

But one thing I've been meaning to get around to for a long time is getting the DomainKey-Signature header added in addition to the DKIM-Signature. I realise that DomainKeys is the older spec and is technically replaced by DKIM but I think there's still a reasonable number of systems that verify both (e.g.: Gmail).

Would this involve multiple milters, one for DKIM and another for the older DomainKeys?
I'm not too happy about the idea of having to maintain 2 sets of configurations and signing tables etc, as I have to add/remove relay domains reasonably frequently.

Anyone know if it's possible to add both signatures within opendkim?

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