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I'm trying to monitor data with SNMP for disks in a raid attached to some servers. From what I understand the raid is configured with PERC and PERC does have a MIB associated with it. I've downloaded PERC.mib and AryMgr.mib and have tried to browse the data with a MIB browser (snmp v2) but any of the OIDs in these mibs return "No Data."

Because this exists and the result of the SNMP GET is "No Data" I think I am missing some configuration on the servers. Has anyone experienced this or has any suggestions as to what I might be missing?

Thanks in advance.

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I believe you need to install Dell's OMSA (Openmanage Server Administrator) before you're going to get any data. A quick search found How to configure OMSA/SNMP on Linux.

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Thank you (comment filler) – kris Nov 6 '13 at 23:22

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