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We have number of infopath forms deployed across the organization. Recently we started experience unusual slowness in infopath forms opening on sites with RODC. Servers Win2008R2sp1, client Win7. There is what we have found so far:

  1. It happens only with forms where "User Roles" features is in place
  2. During the form opening netlogon on RODC generates this event: DsGetDcName function called: Dom:(null) Acct:(null) Flags: WRITABLE AVOIDSELF Longhorn_DC Try_Next_Closest_Site i.e it's looking for writable DC.
  3. I found this article that describes our problem

  4. If I get a RWDC into the DCLocator cache with this command: *nltest /DSGETDC:DomainName /WRITABLE /FORCE /DS /RET_DNS* it fixes the problem for 15 minutes, after that cache expires and I have to run it again. If I demote RODC the problem goes away.

So, there a are my questions. Does anybody know what could trigger this type of behavior? We had this setup for awhile it worked just fine. Is there any way to control/tweak "User Roles" infopath features to make it run query to RODC? Any other solution?

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