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I have the following composition of devices:

[selfmade router] - ethernet - [WLAN router 1] ----- wlan ------ [WLAN router 2]

WLAN router 2 has 5 ethernet ports, each as an own VLAN, so 5 VLANs. I want to manage the routing and firewalling between those VLANs at selfmade router. What technique would I use to pass the tagged vlan packets from WLAN router 2 to selfmade router?

Could I use a bridge from WLAN router 2 to WLAN router 1 which itself has a bridge from WLAN router 1 to selfmade router or do I have a wrong understanding of a bridge?

Thanks for any hint on this :-)

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Bridges can/will forward packets between WLAN router 2 and selfmade router, but WDS must be set up on 802.11 (WLAN) link for it to be bridgeable (otherwise WLAN device acting as station (wireless client) won't be able to send/receive packets from MAC addresses connected to it's wired interface(s)). Remember that you have to set up 2 bridges - on WLAN router 1 (between it's wired and wireless interfaces) and WLAN router 2 (between it's wireless interface and (pseudo)interface that acts as trunk-link for 5 VLANs on its ethernet ports).

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yet didn't have the chance to configure all these things, but just wanted to say thanks for your reply, should help me very much :-) – Nov 9 '13 at 12:06

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