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Following various tutorials, I've got svn running via a xinetd.d configuration for svnserve. I'm trying to checkout locally to test the svn setup, but when I try to commit any files to the svn repo, I get a Permission denied error. I created an svn group and added my user account to it, and then I made the svn directory owned by the svn group and set file permissions to 774, but still I get this error.

What could be going wrong? I seem to be able to checkout just fine.

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check under which user svnserve runs

ps faux|grep svnserve

and then change ownership of subversion repository directory [ not your local copy of it! ] so it's owned by user you found out in fist step

chown user: -R /some/path/to/svn/repo

btw - i do suggest you make your repository available via http / libapache2-svn. you'll gain more standardized access method and ability to have fine-grained access control. if you go that way - change ownership of the repository to www-data [ or other user under which apache runs ].

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I'll look into it. Thanks. – Stefan Kendall Aug 17 '09 at 23:30

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