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Using Windows server 2008's built-in Fax Server, seems to work fine, but it does not seem to access the CallerID at all. The Fax server can auto send an email with the fax and includes a field "CallerID" that is always blank. My modem supports caller-id, my phone line has caller-id service. I used HyperTerminal to connect to the fax-modem and watched it send the caller-id correctly. I added the AT+VCID=1 command to the modem device initialization string in control panel. Still no CallerID in the email.

Has anyone got this to work? any ideas?

Thanks, Ron

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According to the MS support forum, the modem driver must support CallerID for it to work.(and of course, you must have CallerID service on your phone line) I tried 3 different modems (US robotics, and 2 others) that support callerID. They all needed an Init string in the Modem driver to enable it (AT+VCID=1). They all worked via commands entered into HyperTerminal. None worked with CallerID when used with the Microsoft Fax Server program.

I ended up buying VentaFax for $100- which worked the first time, runs as a service and seems nicer overall. I really wanted to use the 'free' Fax server but does not get good support.

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This is what I done to have Windows 2008 Server Fax Server to work with my Caller ID on a USR Courier V Everything modem.

With Hyper Terminal or Putty, enter the following commands:

ATS0=2 (Set auto answer to 2 rings) AT#CID=2 (Enable Caller ID with unformatted output) AT&W (Save the settings)

With Microsoft Fax Service Manager, set the Automatic Answer, Rings before answering to 2.

This did for me.

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