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I'm having trouble setting up the mail service correctly on my os x leopard server. In server admin, under Mail>General the domain is set to "", and my host name "", yet whenever an account is created, the email address will be instead of just

Am I missing something, or is there somewhere I can change this? I have looked in the /etc/postfix/ file, and mydomain is set to just

The user accounts can send and receive fine, but only to the accounts

Email sent externally to the domain are getting "Relay access denied (state 14)."

Where can I change this?

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should probably be tagged "postfix" – Stobor Aug 18 '09 at 6:02
I've came across another gotcha - I was testing the sending from within the squirrelmail webmail. I was doing this at and was getting frustrated that emails were coming from Later on I was accessing it through server.local/webmail and then noticed that emails were coming from user@server.local Apparently squirrelmail gets the server name with PHP, so you have to edit the server settings in /etc/squirrelmail/config/config.php to $domain = ""; to stop this from happening. – Ryan Aug 19 '09 at 7:48
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For outbound stuff:

myorigin = $mydomain

For inbound stuff:

mydestination = $myhostname localhost.$mydomain localhost $mydomain

see also:

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