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How is it possible to redirect requests Tomcat 5.5 receives with certain URL match to another Tomcat instance on another host, like I could do on an Apache host with rewrite rules?

Example: I'd like to redirect all requests on to (with full path and GET parameters), but leave for Tomcat at on port 8080. Here and are completely different hosts.

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Place Apache in front of your Tomcat and use mod_jk to talk to your tomcat. You can then use all the power and features of Apache, as Tomcat really doesn't have any that you don't program yourself.

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Thanks, I'll keep that in mind for future use. – pompo Aug 18 '09 at 12:49

In the end, we used a placeholder webapp with URL Rewrite Filter, and the filter configuration from Erik Isaksson. This spared us from rebooting the server, which was quite important for the specific case.

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