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Right half of the built-in keyboard in my Asus laptop stopped working under Gnome. For instance, keys 'j k l ; p o i m . /' don't work.

They do work fine when pressed on external USB keyboard or on in-built one while on the login screen or in laptop's BIOS.

So I presume that's something to do with Gnome itself?

Any help appreciated!

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also check numlock with the possibility for it being numpad, in a recent update of ubuntu, the numpad mouse control get turned on,

it can be disable by: System>prefs>keyboard>mouse keys

i found this out when my numpad stopped working

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Those keys...aren't they multifunction, like supposed to take over for the number pad if a function key is pressed or it's put into a certain mode to accept keypad input?

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yes you right! they are! they just behavie like 'Fn' is pressed all the time. When I press Fn and hold it, they do behave like normal keys. – Art Aug 18 '09 at 13:21

Boot another distro's live CD and see if the problem persists (for example, Knoppix since it uses KDE). If it does, it may be a H/W issue.

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Please see above - it's not hardware issue, keys working fine in bios and ubuntu login screen. – Art Aug 18 '09 at 13:20

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