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this is a suggestion I'm asking since I'd like to get pointed to the right direction. Quick story of my company situation: we've been asked to pay crazy money to get an old printing label solution upgraded and migrated to a VM. Problem is, for what we really need, that software is way too much.

Goal: Create a web interface for the users where they will select the template to use, the printer and fill in the details on a couple of forms, then print everything on a Zebra label printer (mainly ZM400).

Now, the web interface it's not a problem, I'll set it up on IIS on one of our application servers.

What I need help with is: a) How do I create a template (perhaps Zebra Label designer can help?) and pass the missing information to it? b) How do I send the complete label to the printer?

Do you actually know if there's already any free/low cost software who does just this?


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A quick look at the specs shows that the ZM400 printer supports XML enabled printing. According to the blurb it should be easy enough use the ZebraDesigner for XML to create the templates and then you send an XML datastream from your application to the printer. The pricing seems to be a couple of hundred USD/GBP/EURO. –  HBruijn Nov 15 '13 at 11:30

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I was recently working on a zebra printer interface with c#, and I found that the zebra system is almost exactly the same as printing to any other printer...except for the extra code to write a magnetic bar code (if the printer supports it).

Thus if your not using the zebra printer extra capabilities, treat it like any other printer. Otherwise you are looking at a code level integration to access these extra features.

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Will I be able to print images as well? 'Cause the template I need to use will require the customer's logo as well. Ta –  Simone Nov 15 '13 at 12:22
With c#, printing images is very easy. I'm not sure of your ultimate approach, but in general image printing is fairly easy....text characters are images too (In general this is true, but some printers will take a character bytes and write that characters, this is for high speed printers such as receipt printers). –  Gerbenny Nov 18 '13 at 14:17

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