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How do you properly format json messages and send them over amqp with syslog-ng?

The json format should look something like this.

{"log":"This is the error message...", "date":"xxx", "source":"xxx"}

The problem I have is that the message is not always a valid json string.


"log":"This is a "serious" error message."

How would I go about escaping the message?

My syslog-ng configuration looks something like this.

destination d_amqp {
        username("guest") # required option, no default
        password("guest") # required option, no default
            scope("selected-macros" "nv-pairs" "sdata")

This is just an example, as I don't have the actual configuration in front of me right now.

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You should use the $(format-json) template function instead of handcrafting the json payload.

That will do the escaping for you. Not to mention that you can query the set of name-value pairs within a message and make the json more dynamic, for instance by adding all name-value pairs with a specific prefix.

Here is a link to the documentation:

Algernon has posted a lengthy blog post on json too. See here:

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would you care an show an example? – DerStoffel Jun 26 '15 at 11:18

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