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I have created two containers(say TestOneContainer and TestTwoContainer) in ubuntu server using LXC. Now the lxc filesystem is in /home folder and two containers also use /home folder. I have created two partition(100 GB for TestOneContainer and 200 GB for TestTwoContainer) for those two containers while Ubuntu server OS installation. I want to mount TestOneContainer in 100 GB space and TestTwoContainer in 200 GB space. How can I do this?

I have tried these commands from this link

create and symlink two directories:

sudo mkdir /srv/lxclib /srv/lxccache
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/lxc /var/cache/lxc
sudo ln -s /srv/lxclib /var/lib/lxc
sudo ln -s /srv/lxccache /var/cache/lxc

or, using bind mounts:

sudo mkdir /srv/lxclib /srv/lxccache
sudo sed -i '$a \
/srv/lxclib /var/lib/lxc    none defaults,bind 0 0 \
/srv/lxccache /var/cache/lxc none defaults,bind 0 0' /etc/fstab
sudo mount -a

But these commands are to mount lxc in different filesystem not TestOneContainer or TestTwoContainer.

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