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How can I connect through vSphere Client installed on my laptop (Linux Mint 15 and Windows 7) to EsXi 5.5 installed on Dell PowerEdge R210 Server? I have a router, Netgear WGR614.

They're in a different subnets. Also, I would like to know if its possible to assign to ESXi an IP address and reach it through the Internet (with no physical connection to router, if so, how can I do this?) Here's my diagram:

enter image description here

And my questions:

  1. How can I connect and configure my hardware like on the diagram I provided in order to be able to connect from Mint (SSH) and Win 7 (vSphere Client) to ESXi?
  2. How can I configure ESXi and my netgear router to be able to connect to ESXi through the Internet (IP address in browser, vSphere Client, ..) with no physical connection to the router? (second diagram: )

enter image description here


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Generally speaking (and I think most of the regs here would agree with me) the best way of solving a problem involving a netgear router should involve taking a hammer to the router. Having said that, it probably has a config page that allows you to "publish" certain internal addresses and ports to the outside world via NAT. You should look into publishing the internal ip address and relevant ports (443 for vsphere client, I think). –  RobM Nov 18 '13 at 8:11
@RobM: So i should be able to configure the router only by using its web interface? (through a regular web browser) and thats all? (I mean I only need to publish my inside address (from ESXi subnet) to the Internet using NAT, right? And I dont need to configure ESXi at all? –  Brian Brown Nov 18 '13 at 10:34
yes, I believe so. I can't tell you exactly where to configure this on a netgear router but at least some/most of them have this facility. Your biggest issue, thinking about it, is whether or not your ISP will allow access to what is effectively a website running on your broadband connection -- some are funny about this. The only way to find that last bit out is try it and see! –  RobM Nov 18 '13 at 13:32