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I have a large group of AD users and I need to provide them with a method for changing their own password in case they forget them. I am looking a third party self password reset application to enable users to change password and unlock them. Is there any secure way of doing this?

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I would suggest you to LADSS tool to enable users to change password, unlock and self account info update.

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The solutions for this type of problem usually cover a few related areas that you may want to consider:

  1. Self-service portal to allow both unlock and reset by an end user.
  2. Typically some sort of GINA integration to provide self-service without actually being logged in to Windows.
  3. Method for end users to change their password (used when they don't login to AD - typically OWA and/or SharePoint users).
  4. Password expiration reminders - some way to automate this as this is often a related area that causes password related help desk calls.
  5. AD attribute maintenance - allowing end users to change their phone extension, last name and other fields in AD from a web interface.
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There are so many third party tools such as ManageEngine SelfServicePlus, AdSysNet Password Manager, Netwrix Password Manager available for self service password reset

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