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I am using the learn puppet 3.1 vm and trying to connect to a host hypervisor. I followed the instructions to create a .fog file under root which includes a yaml hash, and I read that the yaml hash isn't discontinued until puppet 3.3 so my credentials should work, but when I run puppet node_vmware list it tells me that my I am missing the required arguments which should not be the case.

I am able to ssh into my host hypervisor via winscp and enter the shell using PuTTY, so I cannot seem to understand why its not returning the ssh pub key like it says it would in the puppet cloud provisioner instructions.

I read from troubleshooting, that: "ENC Can’t Communicate with Nodes As of Puppet Enterprise 3.0, SSL is required for all communication between nodes and the ENC. The --enc-ssl option has been removed."

Does this mean that I need to include ssl in my server domain name? it shouldn't be the case considering it doesn't specify so in the instructions included in: cloudprovisioning

the format of my .fog file is exacly like that in the cloud provisioning link. Are there any changes or settings I need to make in VCenter to enable me to do cloud provisioning in puppet?

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