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I created a Room-Mailbox in Exchange. This Mailbox will be used to manage vacation Days. I delegated control to a user to deny and accept vacation requests. The requestee is informed correctly about approval or dismissal of his request. But if the request is dismissed the calendar entry for the request is not deleted from the Room-Mailboxes Calendar.

Here is the output of Get-Calendarprocessing for the Mailbox

RunspaceId : bad4c927-c410-4832-bde8-8cb40eab6315
AutomateProcessing : AutoAccept
AllowConflicts : True
BookingWindowInDays : 180
MaximumDurationInMinutes : 1440
AllowRecurringMeetings : True
EnforceSchedulingHorizon : False
ScheduleOnlyDuringWorkHours : False
ConflictPercentageAllowed : 0
MaximumConflictInstances : 0
ForwardRequestsToDelegates : True
DeleteAttachments : True
DeleteComments : True
RemovePrivateProperty : True
DeleteSubject : True
AddOrganizerToSubject : True
DeleteNonCalendarItems : True
TentativePendingApproval : False
EnableResponseDetails : True
OrganizerInfo : True
ResourceDelegates : {SharePtest.local/ITOU/IT Boss}
RequestOutOfPolicy : {}
AllRequestOutOfPolicy : False
BookInPolicy : {}
AllBookInPolicy : False
RequestInPolicy : {}
AllRequestInPolicy : True
AddAdditionalResponse : True
AdditionalResponse : Urlaubsanfrage wurde übermittelt. Bestätigung erfolgt seperat
RemoveOldMeetingMessages : True
AddNewRequestsTentatively : False
ProcessExternalMeetingMessages : False
RemoveForwardedMeetingNotifications : False
MailboxOwnerId : SharePtest.local/Users/Holidays IT
Identity : SharePtest.local/Users/Holidays IT
IsValid : True
ObjectState : Changed

Does anyone know how to get the mailbox to delete dismissed appointments ?

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When you dismiss an appointment in outlook essentially this cancels the reminder and would NEVER delete the appointment from a calendar. To delete the appointment from the calendar if the appointment is pending it would have to be rejected or manually deleted.

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