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what can I use to record an screencast at os x leopard? Freeware are prefered.



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If you really can't spend any money, take a look at ScreenCastle. It's a web-based (uses Java) tool that works cross platform.

That said, on a mac, some of the greatest screencasts I have seen have been made with ScreenFlow ($99). It is very easy to use, has built in editing ability, and has great high end features. But it is not free.

ScreenFlow trial I think solves my current need. Thank you – Zote May 7 '09 at 1:52

I have been impressed with Jing. It allows you to take screencasts and screenshots and share them easily.


Another reason to hold off on investing in a screen recording tool right now, OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) has one built-in: Screen Recording in Snow Leopard's Quicktime X


iShowU HD is well worth the $30.


If you've configured the Podcast Producer service on your OS X Server then the obvious answer would be to use Podcast Capture on the client since it already comes with Mac OS.



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