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I have a Ubuntu server with a bunch of Upstart services configured on it. I "own" those Upstart services, ie, I made the scripts myself and they're only used for the purpose of that server. I'd like to make another service script that will be able to manage those existing services. For example, instead of having to do this

sudo service myservice-alpha start
sudo service myservice-bravo start
sudo service myservice-charlie start

I'd like to be able to just do sudo service myservices start. Similarly, rather than doing

sudo service myservice-alpha restart
sudo service myservice-bravo restart
sudo service myservice-charlie restart

I'd like to be able to just do sudo service myservices restart. I have the list of services that I'd like to be affected by that other general "service manager", and I would specifiy those by service name inside of my general service manager. I've thought about simply making it restart all those other services, but then figured that services are more complex than simple bash scripts. I'm guessing the process ID is stored somewhere to be able to stop / resume services, and so what would happened if I called a stop on the general service who's script restarts all the other services? Although I made the other services myself, I only have but a very rudimentary understanding of how Upstart works. Any advice on how to manage this situation would be appreciated.

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Look into things like supervisor and god. –  Michael Hampton Nov 25 '13 at 19:23

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