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Setup: Windows Server 2003 IIS 6

The server dumps out the contents of the FrontPage Server Extensions DLL instead of doing anything useful whenever I do anything related to Server Extensions.

Are there any ways to fix this, short of completely reinstalling the operating system?

Just in case I wasn't clear, this is what I get in the browser:

MZÿÿ¸@ິ Í!¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode. $o•DY+ô* +ô* +ô* +ô+ $ô* Ãë. (ô* Ãë .ô* Ûë! )ô* .Ö ô +ô* $ô* Rich+ô* PELNbéCà! 0a (and it goes on...)

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Here is an old KB article that describes a similar situation - perhaps the same fix will work for IIS6.

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If you're close to an OS reinstall, I'd definitely remove IIS, clear out \inetpub & \system32\inetsrv etc, reboot, & reinstall first. Just for kicks.

Also, this is a pretty solid IIS6 troubleshooting page - because if you're like me, anything you manage to hose once, you'll hose again in a similar way. ;)

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Looks like wiping the OS is the most time effective solution in case you haven't spent much work setting up up until now - it should take about an hour and you won't have to attend it most of the time.

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For start Just:

control panel => add remove program => add/remove windows components

and nextnextnext throe it. Without changing anything! It does some (don't know what exactly) house keeping.

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