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OS - Window Server 2008 ( Domain Controller ) One User Object in AD is Creating Problem as well as i am unable to delete it manually also. Please see the below Error. enter image description here

In Event viewer i am getting below Error enter image description here

So i thought to Delete it from ldap.exe, still i am getting the below error enter image description here

I also tried to Repair Database, via Safe mode - Active Directory Repair mode. i.e by esentutl /g c:\Windows\ntds\ntds.dit and also with esentutl /p c:\windows\ntds\ntds.dit but it also given me error.

Your help will be really very helpful and Thanks for your Time & Effort.

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Have you tried to resolve this problem by referring to the Microsoft knowledge base article for the related error here:

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Did you notice the NTDS ISAM error? Your darabase is corrupt. Demote the dc, run chkdsk, then promote it again.

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