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i need to identify which application / process requesting kerberos authentication.

Eg I have an PC for login i am using windows AD account. In that pc there are several applicationslike outlook, shared folder,IE,ect. they required AD authentication. i just need a script / tool to idenify which windows process / application all are required AD authentication.

Is it possible. can any one help.


Karthick V

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Possibly a language issue, but typically you see servers and services requiring (or mandating) Kerberos authentication (and maybe allowing fallback to for instance NTLM) and client applications supporting Kerberos, but also supporting other authentication schemes.

Most of the times the application and server will negotiate to find an authentication method they both support.

Only when the negotiation concludes both application and server support Kerberos the application will request a Kerberos service ticket to authenticate itself (you) to that service.

That would make it difficult to scan your PC and determine beforehand if applications support Kerberos (AD authentication).

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