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I have VPS with crashed filesystem ( missing /etc direcotry after fsck ) and 2 virtual block devices: /dev/vda and /dev/vdb

Partitions on /dev/vda:
1# /boot
5# LVM

Partitions on /dev/vdb:

I want to install Ubuntu 13.10 Server on /dev/vdb (completely ignore /dev/vda). Partitions created are non-LVM. But when I want to write changes to disk the installer wants to format both LVM partitions and newly created partitions on /dev/vdb. But I want LVM partitions untouched, because of data. I need to do it fast, but the couldn't help me until tomorrow. Is there any possibility to hide /dev/vda device or do not touch LVM partitions in installer?

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You should just copy all of your data to vdb and then reinstall to vda. You can then restore your data from vdb. –  Michael Hampton Nov 29 '13 at 19:30

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