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I have a PPTP VPN connection set up on an ubuntu 8.10 box as ppp0 and I was wonder how to route select connections to go through the VPN.

For example I want to go through the default interface, but to route through ppp0.

Could I do this with a routing rule? Or is something like this more cut out for iptables?

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You can do this using a routing rule but you will have to add all ip-addresses of bing to the route through ppp0. In the real world this is much harder. Google for example has a lot of ips and is even getting more. So you will have to update your rule to reflect the addresses currently used.

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The bing and google are just examples, the hosts i will be using only have 1 ip. What would adding a route rule like this look like? – AdamB Aug 19 '09 at 2:23
this can be done by doing "route add -host <ip> gw <pp0 ip>" – AdamB Aug 19 '09 at 3:12
You could also use "ip route add $IP dev $DEVICE" – Wienczny Aug 19 '09 at 23:53

Firefox -> Foxyproxy (filtering on regex) -> HTTP proxy -> VPN interface.

This sounds like you need to access webpages that are blocked on your subnet. If you have a machine outside this subnet with an ssh server, the easiest way is just to use the -D [port] option which gives you SOCKS. (putty can do this as well, if you're on windows.) Then you just make foxyproxy redirect to the given port as socks5.

I realise this is old, but probably shows up in searches and I used to work in a place with annoying restrictions.

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