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On windows server 2003 reading disk queue length from SNMP with MRTG was easy:

snmpwalk -v1 -cpublic

iso. = Gauge32: 26
iso. = Gauge32: 221
iso. = Gauge32: 0
iso. = Gauge32: 247

this MIB don't work for windows server 2008 & 2012

is there any other easy way to read disk queue?

Now I made service on my Windows server 2012 end I use IIS for my MRTG server to access the data which is too complicated.

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This isn't an answer, but I would plan on migrating away from using SNMP on Windows Server as it is being deprecated and will eventually be dropped from future versions of Windows. –  Ryan Ries Dec 2 '13 at 14:13

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