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I am using Tomcat6 as a server and i want to run php5 application on tomcat . Is there anyway to configure tomcat6 to run php on it .?

I am using Ubntu 13.10 to run tomcat6

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Quercus is a Java implementation of PHP5.

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Tomcat supports cgi. So it is possible to run php as cgi. It might not be the best idea, but it should be possible.

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There are there files available which can configure tomcat6 to run php

these ara JavaBridge.jar ,php-script.jar ,php-servelet.jar .You can easily find these files on .Download these files and copy them to tomcat/lib folder restart tomcat6

write a test php file in your webapps folder and open it in your browser @localhost:8080/test.php Bingoo..!! it works

Reference here

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PHP runs on Apache or on Nginx (via fastcgi). Those are two very common use cases. You can't run PHP on Tomcat.

Edit: tomcat doesn't run PHP natively and depending on your requirements you may want to consider alternatives such as Nginx or Apache.

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Just check my answer for it . you can easily do it . – prateeak ojha Dec 3 '13 at 9:29

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