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I am trying to silently install Cisco IP Communicator software as part of a system deployment. For deployment, I am using KACE 2000 which basically lets you compile sets batch files and run them in a specific order after the OS is installed.

For IP Communicator, I am using the installer switches to do a silent install, and that works, but the problem I am facing is that midway through the installation, Windows throws up a device driver install confirmation dialog box. If I manually click to allow the installation then the install proceeds fine and eventually concludes. I suspect this problem would apply to any software which installs its own drivers, so there must be some workarounds.

I want to remove this user interaction because we typically batch deploy a bunch of systems at the same time. The deployment takes 30-45 minutes or so, and we don't want to have to monitor the deployment, we just want to be able to start 5 or 10 computers deploying, come back in an hour and have all of them be done.

Since it seems like this is a Windows prompt, I don't think Cisco would be able to help me overcome this issue.

Two possible solutions I thought of are 1) somehow preinstall the driver before installing CIPC, or 2) disable prompting when installing 3rd party drivers.

Option 1 would be my preference from a security perspective, unless there is some way to whitelist drivers on a case by case basis so the user won't receive a prompt when installing specific drivers. Ideally, I'm looking for a way to preload the driver from the command line or by using vbscript/powershell/WSH in some way that wouldn't result in a driver installation prompt itself.

I am working Win7 Pro SP1 x64.

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So if I understand correctly, you would like to add an sort of exception for Windows to allow device driver installation automatically for this device? –  Rudolph Dec 2 '13 at 20:21

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