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I recently tried to boot up my image of Debian and noticed that during bootup, Qemu - according to the window title - switches it state to QEMU [stopped] and doesn't respond. I checked qemu-kvm and qemu-system-i386/qemu-system-x86_64 and it stopped at different moments, but never booted up completely. I know that the machine worked fine before. What could be wrong?

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QEMU switches to stopped on two occasions - EIO (read/write error) or ENOSPACE (out of space error). You should see either in the logs and act accordingly

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As I found out on #qemu on irc.oftc.net IRC channel:

20:07:59 mjt $ d33tah: df on the host

20:35:52 iggy $ d33tah: is your host drive out of space?

This is because the host's hard drive ran out of space. Free up disk space and the machine should start working again.

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