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I'm running a Debian 7.2 server and have created a raidz array with three 1TB drives (the operating system is running on a separate boot drive). I setup several ZFS datasets within the zpool and copied data into the storage array. I ran an initial scrub manually and everything looked good.

When I reboot the server though, I notice that the datasets do not mount automatically. This forces me to run the following two commands:

zfs mount -a
zfs mount

Below is the output from the two commands:

root@kubie-server:/ZFSvol0/backups# zfs mount -a
cannot mount '/ZFSvol0': directory is not empty
root@kubie-server:/ZFSvol0/backups# ls
root@kubie-server:/ZFSvol0/backups# zfs mount
ZFSvol0/docs                    /ZFSvol0/docs
ZFSvol0/backups                 /ZFSvol0/backups
ZFSvol0/software                /ZFSvol0/software
root@kubie-server:/ZFSvol0/backups# ls
root@kubie-server:/ZFSvol0/backups# cd ..
root@kubie-server:/ZFSvol0# cd backups/
root@kubie-server:/ZFSvol0/backups# ls
Mac  Windows

What's going on here?!?!?

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