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Can anyone suggest a method to do the following:

We need to include an extra file (probably just a small text file with a serial) in an OVF file before we wrap it up into an OVA for deployment. Here is the issue. Apparently there is a way to have the hypervisor either read that file (or execute it if its a script) when the hypervisor first unpacks and starts the VM.

We needed to get that serial into the VM itself, but we cant decompress the default VM each time to modify the serial so this was the next best idea. ie OVA contains OVF XML file, VMDK file, Manifest file and our first boot script or plain text file with serial. The OVA gets deployed. The hypervisor unpacks and starts the VM. The first boot script is run which copies the required information (which initially resided outside the VMDK) into the new running VM.


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