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We are hosting a robotics competition and they require that all of our wireless AP's be disabled for the weekend. I am wondering if there is a way to do this from our management software. Added difficulty: on a per-building basis. So far, I have found that I can do it for an entire controller using the WiSM-2 web interface and disabling the network status of the radios. I can also do it via Prime Infrastructure using configuration templates. Unfortunately, both of these solutions affect ALL access points, nut just one building.

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Here's how to do it in Prime Infrastructure 2.0: 1.) Switch to classic theme 2.) Choose Configure -> Lightweight AP configuration templates 3.) Create a new template & edit it 4.) Under the AP Parameters tab check the box for Admin status and leave enabled un-checked 5.) Go the the Select APs tab and choose your APs 6.) Go to the apply/schedule tab and save it, then apply it.


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