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I have to delegate domain for AD serwers. Let say and I'm using Bind( on CentOS.

I added proprer configuration to named.conf and using A,NS records delegate domain to AD servers with DNS service. After that all questions should be transfered to those AD(lets call them and servers even when I'm asking my DNS BIND (or am I wrong?)

Now when I execute : dig A I get nothing but when execute dig A I get nice answare pointing to ip of (and that is correct).

Now I'm not AD administrator, I don't even have access to that AD servers. I'm admin of so maybe I don't know something...

On I did something like that to delegate to AD servers:


zone "" {
       type master;
       file "";
       allow-update   { none; };
       allow-transfer { aclgroup1; };
       allow-query    { any; };
       also-notify    {;;;;; }; 


@ SOA @ root (
            2013120401 ; serial number
            10M ; refresh
            30M ; retry
            10D ; expiry
            1H  ; minimum

dc1             A
dc2             A

Maybe this is wrong configuration for delegating whole domain? Before I was delegating only subdomains and not for using with AD (nobody camplained then ;) so I think that was working well).

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if i understood your question correctly you would like to forward DNS requests to the AD DNS Server. For that you to not need any NS or A Record. Just forward the domain to the servers in named.conf

zone "" {
  type forward;
  forward only;
  forwarders {;; };
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Yup that's the right answare. I did that and every thing works fine :) – B14D3 Dec 6 '13 at 9:19

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