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I'm attempting to connect to one network's internet connection from another network, kinda a VPN but unfortunately is not possible.

I can't have the ports open for any of the 2 networks for port 22 but I do have physical access to the computers in each network.

Basically I'm trying to browse the internet as if I were on PC1 behind a firewall through PC2 which is also behind a firewall.

I can create a Reverse SSH Tunnel from any of the 2 computers to a VPS that I have, but been unable to 'link' or redirect the SOCKS port and pull it from another computer.

Example of my setup.

PC1 - SSH Reverse Tunnel -> VPS <- SSH PC2

What I have attempted so far is create a dynamic port to simulate a socks proxy server from PC1 to VPS. I connected to my VPS and I AM able to browse as if I where on PC1 from the VPS. But if I try to set the socks settings on PC2 to the url and port of the socks proxy on the VPS and attempt to 'grab' that SOCKS connection I get connection refused.

As the networks have the incoming connections firewalled I'm unable to open a SSH connection directly either to PC1 or PC2 from the VPS without opening a reverse connection from both.

Not sure if I made my self clear, but I guess I've given a basic idea of what I am attempting.


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